Not the Biggest, but the Best

Coral Insurance Company was formed to respond to the growing insurance crisis in Florida, particularly in the southeast area, which is undergoing exponential growth in housing development, while suffering from a lack of insurance capacity.

Many carriers have withdrawn from the state in recent years and those remaining have limited their aggregate liability. Coral Insurance Company’s presence in the Florida market is aimed at providing quality coverage and service for Florida homeowners, while contributing to the stabilization of the local insurance market.

Coral is a Florida corporation. Our funding comes from experienced insurance professionals and business investors interested in a long-term commitment to Florida homeowners. We strive not to be the biggest, but the best. And we are here to stay.

Like other insurers, Coral makes maximum use of technology. Unlike others, we use automation to facilitate operating efficiency and responsiveness to consumers, not as a shield to avoid individual underwriting decisions and personalized service. We seek solutions to unique situations and make underwriting exceptions that other companies reject.